Tubix 3000/4000 OVAL REFLECTOR
Tubix 3000/4000 OVAL REFLECTOR
Tubix 3000/4000 OVAL REFLECTOR

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Tubix 3000/4000 OVAL REFLECTOR

Product specifications

Track light with incorporated electronic gear and Chip on board. High quality reflectors with four different beam spreads. Lamp housing of die-cast aluminium for optimal cooling, long lifetime and low weight. Black front ring. Oval beam reflectors reduces the hotspot and reduces the risk of damaging the meat and sensitive fresh food items.

Model and colors Available in white, black and grey.
Area of use Track light for indoor applications.

Technical data

Mains (input) voltage 220-240 V
Total weight 1,2 kg
Form of protection IP 20, class I
Color temperature 2000-5000 K
Light source LED
Operating position 360°/90°
Driver Built in
Optics Anodized aluminum reflector
Beam spreads Oval



The above article numbers applies to 930.
Product available with FOOD COB on request.
Final shipping destination may require minor modifications of components as
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